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Voices and Votes: Democracy in America Exhibit May 15th- June 27th, 2021

When American revolutionaries waged a war for independence they took a leap of faith that sent
ripple effects across generations. They embraced a radical idea of establishing a government that
entrusted the power of the nation not in a monarchy, but in its citizens. That great leap sparked
questions that continue to impact Americans: who has the right to vote, what are the freedoms and
responsibilities of citizens, and whose voices will be heard? Voices and Votes: Democracy in
America will be a springboard for discussions about those very questions and how they are reflected
in local stories.

Voices and Votes is based on a major exhibition currently on display at the Smithsonian’s National
Museum of American History. This Museum on Main Street adaptation will have many of the same
dynamic features: historical and contemporary photos; educational and archival video; engaging
multimedia interactives with short games and additional footage, photos, and information; and
historical objects like campaign souvenirs, voter memorabilia, and protest material.

Voices and Votes Exhibition Content

The exhibition will explore historic events and pose questions for today in the following content area:
The Great Leap: Examine the context and main controversies behind America’s democratic system.
Learn the stories of our famous founders and those who remain mostly unknown. What were the
principles and events that inspired the writers of the Declaration of Independence and the
Constitution? Just how revolutionary was our new democracy led by the people? And who were “the

A Vote, A Voice: We have a diverse body of voters today, but not every American has always had
the right to vote. The fight for fair representation, suffrage, and a voice at the polls has meant
struggle and changes to laws ever since our founding. Learn about these struggles, how voting was
expanded, and continued challenges to voting.

The Machinery of Democracy: We participate in the political system through state and national
parties, nomination conventions, and stumping for our candidate of choice. Learn about this
machinery of democracy, how it calls us to be involved, but can also control how we get information
about candidates and issues.

Beyond the Ballot: Americans fight against injustice. Men and women of every ethnicity, class, and
state have shared in the revolutionary spirit of rising up and speaking out. The First Amendment to
the Constitution guarantees this right to peaceably assemble and petition the government. See the
different places and different motivations of diverse Americans to petition for their interests and

Creating Citizens: Who are “We the People?” What is the meaning of citizenship? Ever since the
creation of the Constitution, Americans continue to interpret, expand, and shape the rights and
responsibilities of being a citizen. Explore how those views of rights and responsibilities have shaped
our national identity and our complex national story.

Below are the hours for May 15th- June 27th, 2021 Voices and Votes-Democracy in America at the “Lost Rail Museum located at 142 W. Michigan Ave, Grass Lake, MI 49240  



15  Sat  10-4pm opening event

16 Sun 12-4pm

20  Thur 10-4pm
21  Fri    10-4pm
22  Sat  10-4pm
23  Sun 12-4pm
27  Thur 10-4pm
28   Fri  10-4pm
29   Sat 10-4pm
30   Sun 12-4pm


3   Thur 10-4pm

4   Fri  12-4pm

5   Sat 10-4pm

6   Sun 12-4pm
10 Thur 10-4pm
11  Fri  10-4pm
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13  Sun 12-4pm
17  Thur 10-4pm
18  Fri 10-4pm  
19  Sat 10-4pm
20  Sun 12-4pm
24  Thur 10-4pm
25  Fri  10-4pm                                     
26  Sat 10-4pm    Closing event
27  Sun 12-4pm           

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