Michigan's Military Heritage Museum is run by VOLUNTEERS, 100% of your contribution is used for programs, operations, or building.
Check out the Four (4) Ways to give!

Your Thoughtful Donation

Is a meaningful way to honor someone special while also offering a lasting tribute to the courageous men and women of our Armed Services and their legacy. It is an investment in Michigan's Military Heritage Museum and contributes to the preservation and celebration of those who served Michigan. Please consider honoring your hero to "The Wall of Honor" for $50.

Name of Hero:
Branch of Service:
Time in Service:
Awards or Medals:

There are three ways you can make your donation; mail, phone, and online donation.

Phone: 517.926.6696 on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday from 11am to 5pm,

Mailing to:

Michigan's Military Heritage Museum
311 N. Wisner St
Jackson, MI 49202


Donate Now

Looking to make a Tribute Gift in honor of a loved one?

Looking to make a donation to our Building or Endowment Fund? GIFT TYPES:

One-Time Gift
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Email: [email protected] Attn: Dennis Skupinski

Donate An Artifact

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Our collection consists of objects ranging in size from tiny uniform buttons to large military vehicles. Our donors understand that as Michigan’s Military Heritage Museum, we will be a resource to researchers and educators for generations to come.

Corporate Sponsors

Donations to our Building or Endowment Funds:

Contribute any amount to our general fund.

Contact: [email protected] Attn: Dennis Skupinski

Become Part of Our Mission

Michigan's Military Heritage Museum honors the sacrifice of generations of that forged the American spirit, Secured global freedom, and Transformed the United States into an economic and political power. The entrepreneurial spirit of corporate America, led by dollar-a-day CEOs during World War 2, surpassed their Axis counterparts, catapulting the country to victory and creating a legacy of e-companies continuing today. The Museum speaks through their voices to educate future generations—to nurture an appreciation of freedom, democracy and inspire civic responsibility. BECOME AN INVESTED PARTNER IN OUR EDUCATIONAL MISSION.

Your annual Partner Membership of $5,000 supports strategic educational initiatives to preserve and support the American Spirit while preparing a work-force ready future. Benefits can include Wall of Honor plaques, a speaker bureau for your corporate events, and a concierge service for visitors to the museum.

Please Contact: [email protected] Attn: Dennis Skupinski


Already a compelling tourist attraction and regional destination, Michigan’s Military Heritage Museum is in the midst of an expansion designed to elevate the Museum experience to new heights. We would like you to be part of it.

On tap for the Museum's expansion plan is the construction of a new building. As of this date, no location or design has been decided on. We will update as it happens. Please donate to the Building Fund.

Contact: [email protected] Attn: Dennis Skupinski

As part of our Building Campaign, we also are seeking capital campaign endowments. An endowment fund will create a foundation to help secure Michigan's Military Heritage Museum’s mission to celebrate the Armed Services and to pass on to future generations the ideals of teamwork, courage, optimism, and sacrifice that were part of Michigan's Military Heritage. Endowment funds keep our tried and true programs running, while also providing our staff with the means to think creatively and design new initiatives.

Gifts to the endowment can be allocated to the Museum’s unrestricted endowment fund, or to an endowment that funds a particular purpose, program, or initiative.

For more information on giving to the endowment, please email: [email protected] Attn: Dennis Skupinski

Supporting Michigan’s Military Heritage Museum will add state-of-the-art programs and exhibit space, digitize our collections and archives, and expand educational outreach through new media. We are already a leading resource on the Military History of Michigan and its lasting significance will ensure our role in educating audiences of today and many generations to come.

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